Beach Running…one of our faves!

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OK, to share a bit, we here at CFS live in Miami…so, yes, we’ve got the benefit of the beach as a “workout partner” of sorts.  If you have access to a beach, it’s an awesome place to get a workout in.  Here are a couple of tips and pointers for just having some fun running on the beach.

  1. Falling or low tides are the best for running as they have the hardest and most level surface
  2. For an added set of twists, we like to run barefoot on the beach
    • Allows feet to go through full range of motion and is great for strengthening feet/ankles
    • START SLOWLY if you’ve not done it and gradually build up over time
    • Use sneakers, obviously, if you live near shelly beaches…e.g. Captiva Island (another fave)
  3. Try the Packed-to-Loose Circuit
    • Run 5 minutes on the hard packed sand
    • Then switch up to the dry, loose (much harder to run in) sand for 1 minute
    • Drop back down to the hard, wet sand to recover some over another 5 minutes, then back to loose sand
    • Repeat this for 30 minutes (6 minutes total running on loose sand) or as many circuits you can
    • START SLOWLY…did we mention that?



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